The Islamic Center of Lawrence

is a mainstream Islamic Community with more than forty years serving the local Muslim Community and the people of Lawrence. Over the decades we have built a thriving, family environment that encourages faith, charity and community service. 
The primary goal of our Center is to create and foster an uplifting Islamic environment by providing religious, educational and community services to its members. Our doors are open to anyone interested in learning about Islam and Muslims. We encourage everyone to contact us to inquire about our activities and to participate in our events. We welcome you to break bread with us during the month of Ramadan. The Islamic Center is an integral part of the beautiful City of Lawrence and the great University of Kansas. We are working closely with other religious institutions to increase interfaith activities to promote mutual cooperation and understanding among all faiths.

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Day after shahada and became a Muslim,  there are so many different things to learn and implement.

 New Muslim Academy is a non-profit organization committed to help the New Muslim brothers and sisters understand the basic concepts of Islam, and how to put them into practice through short and well structured courses taught under the guidance of renowned Islamic Scholars from all over the world.

Muslim children are constantly facing challenges and pressures, whether in school or with their friends. With the constant exposure to social media, excessive consumerism, peer pressure, Internet and technology, it is very easy for our youth to lose sight of what is truly important as a Muslim. This is why Islamic Education is so very important. At Sunday Islamic School, it is our objective to provide a healthy and rewarding learning environment for our Muslims students. Sunday School meets once a week for nine months of the year. Within this time, we are committed to providing a sound Islamic education to our students.

The Sunnah of Eid

  1. Wake up early. 
  2. Prepare for personal cleanliness, take care of details of clothing, etc. 
  3. Take a Ghusl (bath) after Fajr.
  4. Brush your teeth.
  5. Dress up, putting on best clothes available, whether new or cleaned old ones. 
  6. Use perfume (men only). 
  7. Have breakfast on Eid-al-Fitr before leaving for prayer ground. On    Eid-al-Adha, eat breakfast after Salaat or after sacrifice if you are    doing a sacrifice. 
  8. Go to prayer ground early. 
  9. Use two separate route to and from the prayer ground. 
  10. Recite the following Takbir on the way to Salaat and until the beginning of Salaat-al-Eid. On Eid-al-Adha, Takbir starts from Mughrib on the 9th Zdilhijjah and last until the Asr on the 12th Zdilhijjah: Allaho-Akber, Allaho-Akber. La ila-ha ill-lal-lah. Allaho-Akber, Allaho-Akber. Wa-lilahill hamd. (Allah is greater, Allah is greater. There is no god but Allah. Allah is greater, Allah is greater. And all praises are for Allah). 


 Jumah 1:30








10 min after Azan



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