ICL Membership consists of all the Muslims who accept the Islamic principles and teachings contained in the Holy Quran, Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P. B. U H), and the traditions of Ahl-AI Sunnah Wa Al-Jamata. ISL and all its members follow, respect, and abide by the constitution and Bylaws of the ICL.  Membership shall consist of :

1) Registered members. These are individuals who applied for membership and whose applications have been approved by the 1SL Board" To' qualify for acceptance as a registered member, an individual must meet the following criteria, in the listed sequence, on or before the application date:

a. Must be at least 18years old.
b. Meet the definition above.
C. Resided in Lawrence for six (6) months prior to the date of application,
d. Submitted a complete membership application to the Board.
e. Paid any required dues.

2) Non-registered members shall be those Muslims who come to the Masjid and Islamic Center to pray and participate in any Islamic activities held or sponsored at/by the ISL, but personally decline to register as members in the ISL as an organization, or fail to meet one or more of the criteria listed above in registered member criteria.